Jens Pulver is at Nvidia’s Game 24, and is judging their rig-building competition. Watch!

Jens Pulver is a bigger nerd than you. Unless, of course, you can say you skipped cornering Matt Hughes when he fought Royce Gracie just to finish your PVP grind to Grand Marshall back during the vanilla WoW era. Do you even understand what it took to get Grand Marshall in those days? We’re talking not only constant playing but constant winning. The 1% of the 1%. He also custom builds the vast majority of the machines he uses. 

It’s for these reasons that Nvidia invited Jens to judge a PC building competition that’s being held during Nvidia’s Game 24, a 24 hour long live stream that is featuring just about every important face in PC gaming today. It doesn’t hurt to be a featured channel on

We have the live stream below, you should check it out because Jens is the man. It’s that simple. Jens Pulver is the man.

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