Jeff Monson talks about Gaddafi, his anger at the system, and why you should become an Anarchist

If you wake up one day and notice your soul has been robbed, it’s probably in Jeff Monson’s back pocket — and you can’t do anything about it. Visually, Monson looks like he was assembled from the absolute worst parts of little kid’s nightmares and then wrapped in a blanket of tattoos. So when I tell you he’s a self-proclaimed ‘anarchist’, it shouldn’t even surprise you. If I told you he was an avid sock knitter — that’s surprising. In fact, if Jeff Monson knitted socks they would come with little packs of thermite knitted inside so that when you kicked someone’s ass, everything around that person’s ass would explode in a mushroom cloud of amazing. Check out this interview with the new ISKA heavyweight world champion, Jeff Monson, transcribed by Elena Lopez — only at


What ever happened to you dropping to 205? King Mo needs an opponent in June… You know it looks like I’m going to cut maybe this summer if I cut to 205 I want to fight tough people an put myself in line to fight for a title, that’s what we do that’s the whole point of being in the fight game for me, he’s a tough opponent.


If you had your choice to fight Roger Gracie or King Mo who would it be? Please don’t say you will fight anyone, you have to choose one. As far as credibility in MMA, what would be a better win on my resume, king Mo would be the better win. The general public though, Gracie, because everybody knows that name. I think King Mo would be a harder fight because he’s more well rounded. Roger is one of the best ground guys ever but he’s not gonna submit me, my wrestling is better and my standup is better. As far as a better matchup? If I just wanted the W I would say Gracie, but in the fight world and with the promoters I think King Mo would be a much better notch on my resume.


When the whole Affliction III fiasco was going down and Barnett couldn’t fight, you told MMAJunkie that you would love to step in and fight Fedor, in retrospect do you still wish you were the first to defeat him. Yeah it kind of loses it’s luster now to beat him. The public is so fickle, I’ve talked to some people saying ‘oh what happened to him?’ and I say look he’s never really lost, you know? He had the technical cut but, he’s the best HW ever no question and best pound-for-pound ever. He beat Noguiera twice and no one beat him for years and years and nobody has that achievement. So now he’s lost two in a row and I think he has nothing to prove, but because of that and how fans are and let’s say I fought him and beat him and he has three in a row. So in the MMA world I guess it wouldn’t be the same but to me I know I would be proud, it’s just not the same, a lot of people have discounted him. Beating him the first time would definitely be more weight, I’m kind of shocked Werdum didn’t get more acclaim for beating him. I mean it was kind of big but not like thunder and lightning, it wasn’t that way.


Who did you get your black belt under? Ricardo Liborio at American Top Team


So about ATT, can you clear up whats going on with Jorge Santiago and JZ Cavalcante leaving. You haven’t left have you? No, no. The thing is Jorge and JZ are good friends and my team, it’s like a big family we had Liborio and guys who fought in Brazil maybe jiu-jitsu and we brought them here and got them Visas and got them training all world class. Got them fights in Japan making money, now they are headed to the UFC. Sometimes people see how well you are doing and that attracts a lot of different sorts. Saying hey I can get you this and that, I think maybe they had an opportunity to go with a different manager and make different money that way. We had a big team meeting and said hey if you wanna go go, they said no hard feelings. You want to train with guys who want to be there. If they are questioning it’s not good for you or your training partner. Sometimes there is addition by subtraction. I know we got some new guys, some wrestlers who just graduated from college so we can get some wrestling in there with the BJJ. ATT is my family, they have been there through bicep surgery, a bunch of losses in a row, the Abu Dhabi’s. When I started doing well again they didn’t jump on the bandwagon, they were always there. Loyalty.


You seem hard to get a hold of, do you do this on purpose? Well I just got a new Twitter account and a brand new Facebook page and website that I guess are all linked, I’m not a computer guy. I read the stuff and put in the responses or whatever. I’m trying to be more accessible because if you don’t have contact with fans and stuff you get lost in the shuffle. I used to think with this Twitter stuff, who cares if you’re at the shopping store who cares who you trained with today, I just don’t like talking about that stuff. But looking back, if you don’t do it no one follows you. I’m trying to get more involved in that and fan friendly in the technology department as well.


With 2012 coming, do you think the end of the world is in our near future? No, no. I don’t think so. I like all the stuff happening in the Middle East, but as far as something happening like the end of the world, no.


Middle East being Libya? Yeah Libya, Egypt you know, Iran, Tunesia, people overthrowing the government, if you want to call it a government, the kingships. It’s amazing the United States and other western countries we are only in Libya a little bit but because of Gaddafi is a known terrorist, he’s crazy and they have oil. Like Egypt, we weren’t sure whether to support it or not because they were a buffer like Saudi Arabia and they were our friends. So even though they were exploiting their people and violating every human rights law there is, they kind of had a democracy on paper and when it comes down to it we would rather keep our friends than some unknown leadership that will not be friendly to us or Britain or whoever. It’s kind of interesting to see this government response to the uprisings.


What was your first reaction to seeing the digital Jeff Monson on EA MMA? I was with my wife and she’s laughing because she’s sitting right next to me, I went into the EA Sports center and I went in with my wife and she was Fedor and I was myself and the match started and it was like a three-second knockout, she just knocked me out. Literally one punch, I was like you guys got to make my guy better than this. It was pretty cool to see him. I heard the game didn’t get a good reception, I don’t know how they promoted it, but I hear the people who play it say it’s much more technical than the UFC game, like the guy doesn’t have the most crisp punches all the time it’s more realistic and the controller shakes, I don’t know I’m not much of a video game guy, but it’s much more realistic.


This is a little odd with your wife next to you, but uh, there is a picture of a naked picture of you jumping on a bed in a hotel room Oh, she’s not here anymore ugh, haha.


What was the deal with that picture? Yeah I think that was in Hawaii, that relationship didn’t end on the best of terms and so I was just, jumping on the bed and she took it and it of course leaked out, we have since made up. No hard feelings, what can you do? It’s a naked picture of me jumping on a bed.


I heard they are going to rename you Captain America, how do you feel about that? That’s a joke, right?


I’m not sure how they are taking it, ironically or not, but what’s your opinion? Captain America? I think Randy Couture has already got that one, but I don’t know, I mean, I like it because it’s original. Number one, I didn’t give it to myself, number two, they gave it to me for a reason so I like it. But on the other side it’s like Frosty the Snowman isn’t very tough you know, but what you got is what you got. But when you start giving yourself nicknames and stuff or one that maybe just rhymes with your last name or something like that maybe they’re not so original so I like it. I mean, it’s who you are and you go with it, but I don’t think Captain America would be something I’d give myself.


If you could force everyone in the world to read one book in order to shift the globes perception on reality, what would it be? The Kingdom of God is Within Ye by Leo Tolstoy. He was an anarchist that basically said God is everywhere and you don’t need to go to church and it talks about military leadership and how people are kind of sheep following institutions. Basically it just says to be your own person.


Alternatively, if you could force everyone in the world to take one substance or do one activity, what would it be? I’d have everyone do mushrooms. I did mushrooms one time and it was the best, well it was probably the scariest experience I’ve ever had, but at the end of it, it was pretty good. It makes you think about stuff. I still think about things that I thought about at that time now and how I would have never thought about it that way.


Interesting, because a lot of people take them to take a fork in the road in their life or even themselves out. Would you ever take them again? Yeah, I’d like to. I did it in Amsterdam when I was there. You bought it at a little a little grocery mart and it came in a package and it told you exactly what it was and how long it would last. They had different ones and I got the strongest one. I thought this may be the only time I ever do it, so I’m going to do it for good. Whatever it was that I got it was the strongest one and I saw, well at first you have to eat a lot of them. There are like 4-5 mushrooms with the stems in there and I was like, holy smack. So, you eat them all and then 45 minutes to an hour later I got nothing and I’m just like, I remember the pause and I was thinking, I’m too strong for this and I laid down and I closed my eyes and I was like wow, a kaleidoscope. But mine wasn’t a lot of bright colors or anything. We had been to a lot of wax museums that day, so I kind of seen some eerie, dark, middle aged torture chambers and some of that stuff. It was kind of dark, but I had hurt my shoulder bad at the time and I just remember seeing death and all the things that I had done that I was really ashamed of and I was balling and then laughing hysterically. I could feel the wind on me and I could feel my skin getting prickly and I saw and angel and I saw a lot of things and I figured out how to make myself batter. I was touching my shoulder and kind of like making myself better. It was strange as far as like relationships and stuff because I was thinking about that and how to improve the way I relate to my relationships and stuff. Actually it was a good experience in the end. It was scary, but it was good.


Back when everyone thought Kimbo Slice was unstoppable, you wanted to fight him. Now that his career hasn’t really panned out, would you still like to fight him? No and honestly, I never really wanted to fight him. That whole video thing was a spoof. He joined American Top Team after that and I never thought he was, whatever. I met him at the gym and that tough guy thing was just like a persona and he’s actually a very nice guy, he’s very well spoken. He had his entourage and his cousins with him and he had actually never seen that YouTube video and we showed it to him and he was laughing until that part where it said he can’t read and we told him it was just a joke. He was a really good teammate and it was just a joke. I think it’s kind of funny that some people thought it was real, but it was pretty funny.


Now you obviously follow a set of beliefs even if that set of beliefs means having no beliefs at all. Tell us why we should all become anarchists? What’s the benefit?

People ask me, what do you think you are and what I feel society should be like? And I put it back on them and I ask what they feel I think society should be like? And it’s funny because the things that people say are the same things that an anarchist society is. We have Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I have nothing against Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it’s a joke that he’s the Governor. What, people can’t build a road or a hospital or have health care without a bodybuilder/former actor telling you to do so? We’re just brainwashed into thinking that we need people to do things for us. Part of it is that and part of it is that we just want to have someone else in control and not have to worry about things, but we lose control of our own lives. It’s one of those things like on the Matrix when they ask do you want to take the red pill? And that happens to me. I met a professor one day in a community psychology class and he was talking about community programs and half way houses and the government and all this stuff. I talked with him afterwards and I met with him for lunch and he wasn’t an anarchist or anything, but opened my eyes up. He made me want to learn more and I went out and read a lot in magazines and books and then I got into MMA and I was able to travel and I saw just gross economic disparity and some of the saddest things ever. I don’t think it’s far to say, kind of like the butterfly effect, how they say that money is the root of all evil. I think capitalism is in the world.

If you talk about the sex slave trade, the ENRON thing, everything is economically based. People are trying to survive and people are trying to get ahead using capitalism. Then you have people in other countries like Africa trying to survive all these wars that are going on and conflicts and resources and it’s all the same thing because we’re living in an economic system where having a bunch of cars and a boat and a big house is seen as, even though you’re exploiting people to get to that point, it’s seen as a good thing. Imagine being the parent of a kid, a six-year-old or a five-year-old in kindergarten and they go to recess everyday and get their lunch money taken away by a bully who says I won’t let you play with these toys unless you give me your lunch or your lunch money because he’s a bully and that’s horrible. But that’s what we have, that’s what our society is based on. If you were the parent of the bully or the bullied you would go ballistic, but if you exploit people now and charge too much or over work your workers and create all these opportunities for yourself at the expense of others and you benefit economically because of it your seen as a great success story very admired. But we know better then that, and it’s kind of crazy.


What do you think about the immigration problem in the United States right now?

Everybody in the United States right now, except for the Native Americans, are all immigrants. This is another thing about being brainwashed, we’re born on this earth and this country has it’s red, white and blue flag and all the politicians make statements or laws saying you can’t go here or there. Why can’t I walk from this place to this place? We have had our corporations going into Mexico for years and years, tire factories and auto factories and we piss on their environment, we have no environmental laws or age requirements or hours worked or workers rights or anything. We go in there and basically these areas build up and as soon as they leave and go to China or India where it’s even cheaper to produce things and they leave all these people jobless and homeless and everything else and then we wonder why they want to come to the United States.

These countries like Haiti and Mexico and Guatemala and Nicaragua, these countries are places that we have had our corporations, sugar plantations, fruit companies, auto manufacturers or whatever. And then we go and create opportunities for our business men in these places and then they leave or they stay there and the people are taken advantage of and then we wonder why they want to come to the United States. They just want to escape the bad reality that we set for them. Bolivia is a perfect example. Bolivia, they have fossil bones from twelve thousand years ago, so people are coming over from Asia on the Bering Straight to Bolivia twelve thousand years ago, so that’s how long the indigenous people have been there. They own 20% of their own country and 80% is owned by mining companies that are not from Bolivia, but from the United States, England, Dutch companies. So if you were born in Bolivia right now 80% of that land you can’t even walk on. The countries that own these mining companies aren’t even Bolivian. How crazy is that? They hire these people, indigenous people to work for nothing and to live in shacks and of course there are not any environmental laws and they rape the land and then they leave when they are done and it’s inhabitable. That’s exactly what happened to Haiti and that’s why it’s inhabitable right now.


Why are you a member of the Industrial Workers of the World?

Because it’s a union that it’s leadership is not based on a hierarchy, which means that the president of the union, the director, the member, there’s no difference, there’s no rank. It’s a union that tries to do away with all institutions of inequality. A lot of it is on a smaller scale like they fired three workers at a small pizza place because they protested the fact that they weren’t getting overtime, so they fired them and hired someone else. So they had a protest and they’re looking out for everyone no matter what your status, so it’s very much based on anarchist principles and people don’t even realize that it is. This isn’t anarchist, but you know FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) had polio and this is the President of the United States and voted one of the better presidents that we’ve had. And after one of his Fireside Chats, they were all on the radio because he didn’t want people to him in a wheelchair on TV. But one of them after the chat he did make a TV appearance sitting behind a desk and he talked about a new constitution and this is the president of the United States. He said I want this for the constitution and this is what I envisioned and this is what I want for the people of the United States. He said I want a job for everybody, I want health care for everybody, I want a secondary education for everybody who wants it. I want transportation and housing and the bare essentials of food for everybody who is willing to work. And some sixty years later we because of special interest groups and corporations and money and people having their hands in our law makers pockets we can’t even get health care.

We are the only western industrialized nation without guaranteed health care for its citizens and we’re the richest country int the world and it’s unbelievable. Obama’s in the office right now with good ideas, but you can’t get anything done because the public doesn’t want it, they’re not going to agree to anything, they’re going to fight him and blame him for everything. He can’t even get health care passed that will guarantee health care for the poorest of the poor. At that point when your looking at that and the special interest groups you have to overthrow the system, there is no fixing it. This politician and that politician, you have what I think in my opinion, is a good man (Obama), fighting a system that is irrevocably broken. So, you have to change the system, and I talk about a political revolution, the public that’s coming in, the democrats, or even the Libertarians need to overthrow the system, because the system is broken. The law makers don’t write the laws, the corporations write them, and the law makers with the money of these guys who write our laws. The senators’ have 4 or 5 houses, and their salary is only like $150,000-170,000 a year, which is a good salary but it’s not crazy. Where does all this money come from? It’s from getting, kickbacks. We’ll give you $500,000 if you introduce this law or address this bill, to try to get passed and get (this many) people to agree with it. Then the senators’ owe them, and look after themselves. Then we vote for them time and time again, and then we complain about it (whoever is in the office we complain). I think if you vote, and you want to give someone else power over you.


So do you suggest not to vote?

I would never vote, and I suggest we don’t. I don’t think these people have any authority over us at all, why does this person have authority because they’re a lawmaker?

Basically, because we let them.

Someone with a gun is saying they have power, but they have no power. A police officer, a governor, or the president even. You know he’s a man I’m a man, why can he tell me what to do? I’m not hurting anyone else, I’m not taking someone’s home, or physically harming someone. How can they come and tell me you need to do this, and you need to write this, file this, adhere to this law, not cross this border, get this stamp? How can they tell me what I can and can’t do? I don’t agree with any of that. Why should I? Why should anybody? People put in power by themselves, you vote for the president, and you have 3 or 4 choices, you can go all super rich lawyers or super super rich, they pick up their money. They’re handpicked to go there, by corporations. There’s no way the general Joe Schmo’ like me could ever be that. If you open the paper, there’s a political cartoon always making fun of some decision they made, or the fact that some drug company, or ENRON is making billions. It’s unimaginable for it to be legal to take kickbacks, it’s not even an illegal thing to take kickbacks from these companies that write our law. Special interest groups keep saying do this, introduce this bill, put this in there, grab this and take this away. Our whole legal system is built on that. That’s just the way it is, we’re supposed to live by it. You know, you’re not a patriot or a true American. We’re all just brainwashed. To me, I’m not just being egotistical. It’s not even my opinion, it’s just a thing that’s right or wrong. Is it right to go kill that person across the street that you meet? Of course not, to me it’s that black and white how right or wrong something is. I mean to go back to the point is that these people are the one’s telling us what to do, that are completely unethical, completely hypocritical, and they want to tell me that I need to register my car, and I need to pay this much, and that I need to have this. Reading my license and get a report. It’s like, who are you to tell me anything?


If anarchists’ believe in the abolishment of all levels of government, and their views on how criminals should be punished etc., how then could society punish the crime of a murder, rape or other serious crime? What would happen in an anarchists’ society dealing with that situation?

Well that’s a good question and there’s a couple points. First of all, like I was saying earlier, almost all crime is economically based, and I mean this from the very beginning.

Let’s say someone murders someone, and they weren’t robbed just murdered. What happened to that kid growing up? Did he have both parents at home or were both parents working, because they couldn’t make a living? It goes on and on and on, maybe he couldn’t go to college because his grades weren’t good enough, or he didn’t have good parenting? Most crime is driven by economics, and most things are to tied to it in some way. Parents might not be able to stay home with their kids, or maybe not have the advantages or the education that they want. How many people do what they want to do? What would you want to do for your job? How many people say, I want to be a (bank teller?) or a receptionist? Hardly any of them, because they need you to get by. Well like me, I got lucky and blessed to be able to get a job that I liked. But, most people don’t do what they want to do, so it’s your opportunity to do what you want to do, and get an education. And you don’t have to worry about covering expenses, or making a living while you did it. You could study hard, and become what you wanted to do, and the job you wanted. You didn’t have to worry about getting evicted, or your car taken away, or something like that. And you had time, and there were daycare centers, and community places that you didn’t have to worry about both of your parents staying at home. You could stay at home with your kid if you wanted, and there’s good places that had your kids, and everything was community based, and based on society. You know, how much crime would we really have? If you had a place to live, a vehicle, you didn’t have to worry about bills, and things being taken away from you, and you had a job that you wanted. What kind of crime would there be?

Let’s say that there are crimes, if society comes in a whole, and you live in a community where someones is robbing, just say look, you’re not welcome here, if you want to live with us then these are the rules that we agree on as people. Everything else people can make themselves, like I said you have a hospital, you have roads, and people know how to build those things on their own. You see capitalism as worse, we have a crisis, you see the best things out of people, and then you see the worst, like the tsunami in Japan. By the way, I was thinking about that and I’m not really a conspiracy theorist, and I don’t think something happened like that. It’s right on the Pacific rim, and they have earthquakes all the time, that whole rim up to Washington is right on that Pacific rim. The volcanoes come up, and the islands form there. But anyway, I think crime wouldn’t be so much of a consideration, and the people themselves can make the choices and do the things they want to do without being told, but like I said, we’re just brainwashed into thinking that we need someone to do it for us. But these are the same people that are stealing from us, the same people that take our taxes away, that raise prices on stuff. Anyway I was talking about the crisis, the tsunami in Japan. As soon as you have a problem like that, you see them selling water for like $10 a bottle. People will exploit other people, like oh my gosh here’s my golden opportunity.

You saw that in New Orleans, you saw the best of these people helping out, people volunteering, and doing whatever they can for housing people, and giving them water, and a lot of people gave out free gas. And then on the other end, you see people totally exploiting the situation, charging a stupid amount of money because people payed them. As human beings, I think we’re above that morally and ethically, we should be above taking advantage of people. We are social creatures, people make arguments about isn’t it the law, and everyone is trying to fight for themselves, like only the strong survive and survival of the fittest. I think yeah to a certain extent, but we are social creatures, when we were back as cavemen, and living in trees, if you were like you go on your own guys’, I’m going to go kill my own woolly mammoth, and make my own fire, you would die, you needed help you had to work together. We lost that somewhere, and now every one’s out from themselves, and it seems like they put down Obama. It’s like the old McCarthy thing where Communism was seen as a bad thing, What is wrong with doing something with someone else, or having a society based on people instead of competition. I love competition, I mean my job is competition. The competition should be from people playing chess, or from people fighting in the octagon, or people playing on the baseball field, that’s were you want to compete go compete all you want. Why do I have to compete with my neighbor for a job, for food, for school, or for daycare. For something like this, why are we fighting each other for the basics of life? It’s crazy, everything that these people do, to a couple of them it’s a virus, that’s killing the world. The virus is taking apart the environment as we see it, I mean every year like now with the housing crisis, every year things get worse and worse and worse. now finally because we don’t have money anymore, our standard living in the United States is finally going down, and it’s been continuing to go down. I mean everything is getting cut, parks are getting cut, education is getting cut. I have two kids in high school and they have to pay $110 per sport that they play, because there’s not the funding for it. It’s a choice, I don’t know how many high schools, but 74,000 kids in the troy area are being shuffled to other high schools, because the high schools that they, the middle schools that they shut them down. Because there’s no money to keep them open. These are our kids, and we’re shutting down schools, and packing them in classrooms because it’s not for profit. Everything is for a damn profit, if it’s not for profit, it gets cut. You know they’re talking about tax cuts’ and destroying social programs, and it’s like if we pay taxes, it should all be for us, it should all be for the schools, all for the roads,and the hospitals, for the kids, for health care. All the stuff should be for us, it shouldn’t be for the damn military. You know we’re giving Egypt billions of dollars a year, and Israel billions of dollars a year for their nuclear programs for defense, and we’re giving money for this, and we’re giving kickback, and all our money is getting spent all over the place and we have no idea, and the general public has no idea because we don’t pay attention. And yet we’re bitching about having health care for all of our people. I mean these are the people who we vote for, and these are the people that we go i don’t care I’ll vote this person in, and it’s crazy, all our money should go for us, not for some other military base, or (Jeff’s phone abruptly cuts off, on to next question)


In an anarchist society how would education be took care of? Are we ever going to get back to a better society? Anarchism is like a pipe dream wouldn’t you say?

Education would be much easier in an anarchist system, because it would be community based, and you would have schools and everything, but people go what would the motivation be? If I could make a million dollars a year, if I could open up my own business and make this kind of thing, why would I even want to go to school? It’s because, people want to learn, like a lot of good doctors aren’t doctors’ because they make all this money, they’re doctors because they want to help the people, and because they’re intelligent. If you were able to go to school, and have your medical school and all of that paid for if that’s what you chose to do, or not paid for because there would be no cost, as long as you were doing good grades and stuff, a lot of people would still choose to be doctors’. Some people choose to be receptionists or janitor’s, because they didn’t want to go to school, but they would still work and that would be their prerogative, and they wouldn’t have to go to school or whatever like that. But right now, everything is based on funding, you know it’s got to be funded, and who is deciding our funding? The lawmakers who are basically controlled by the corporations, so they’re making the decisions. Now are they going to put in a lot of money on something that doesn’t make any money? No, of course not. So they do the minimal that they have to do. And now we’re talking about thresholds, you know capitalism has established it’s fatal flaw. Everybody now has at least shown it’s not the end at all, it’s not the holy grail. Then people are like what’s the better system than, I’m like what’s a worse system than everybody fighting each other, and the elite controlling everything, and these corporations controlling everything with the lawmakers in their pocket and the things we fight for, you know what is a worse system than that?

You know I think now that capitalism with the housing crisis, people who are hard working people, who have both parents working, and are like OK, I’m calm and then all of a sudden this happening, and people are losing their houses. How bad is that, if you’re willing to work, or you are working and you can’t even survive, or even have a house because you can’t make your payment anymore, or maybe you were laid of work because they were doing all of these layoffs. They said all the companies rebounded in the economic sector as far as these companies, because they basically trim their fat, what they call fat, they cut their payroll, you know they’re reducing the health care that they’re trying to provide to their employees. So, they’re cutting all of these people working there and they’re managing themselves so they’re becoming better, but the general people the people actually working these jobs, they haven’t recovered, in fact it’s worse then it has been in forever. As far as the system, I think education would be much improved because everyone would have access to it.

Right now my son is graduating high school this year and he gets a 4.0 like I’m not exaggerating. I don’t think he has ever had a B in his life, ever, since he has been in the third grade and he is taking all honors classes, taking all these AP courses that he has taken the AP test for and I think he got a 5 which is the highest, the SAT total is 2400 which is the highest you can possibly get and I think he got a 2230 and we are still struggling to find out if he’s going to get into college or not. He got accepted by Cal Berkley and Arizona State, Cornell, University of Washington, University of Minnesota and were seeing if he can get enough scholarships to get it paid for because the cost of tuition for most of these schools is over $20,00.00 per year and some are more then that and the whole total cost is over $30,000.00 every year when you add in room and board, books then the tuition is over $30,000.00 per year. So your looking at $120,000.00 to $250,000.00 over a 4 year period based on the school. And this is a guy who has spent 4 years busting his ass and an intelligent kid and we’re trying to figure out if he can go to one of these schools that he wants to go to and he’s earned it. and that’s ridiculous The grandparents, they both passed away he’s retired military, they both worked 20 years at a brewery and had retirement and social security and both worked well into their 60’s and when they passed away they have a reverse mortgage on a house that they already paid for and a car that had been paid for and no outstanding bills other than health care costs because they had health care needs. They were having to chose which medications to take and which ones they could afford and couldn’t afford and these are two people who worked their asses off their entire lives and they were losing the value of their house that they had already paid off and had to have a reverse mortgage on their house to pay for their medications because they were old. That’s wrong.


Does life suck? Can you tell me something positive here?

No, life doesn’t suck, I’m just really angry at the way things are. My son is going to Arizona State for spring break cause that’s one of the places he got accepted at and we’re looking in to and I have a good friend, Laurie and her husband goes there and she’s an anarchist. It’s funny because we feed off each other like if one of us is down kind of like I am she talks about all these good things and if I am up then I try to bring her up too if she’s down. There are a lot of good things and you don’t want to become one of those people who are just down on everything and the world is bad. I think people are good, but if you put 5 people in a cave and only give enough food for 2 or 3 of them then your going to have some problems and that’s kind of what society has become. Right now the economic system creates problems. If you take someones home away and you take away their means of surviving and you take away their manhood almost because in some cases they can’t provide for their families even though they are willing things get a little grey. But with the right opportunities presented for you people want to help each other, we’re social creatures. They say competition and survival of the fittest and I totally disagree. I think being social creatures like we are is a greater instinct then anything. We’re supposed to be working together and helping one another.

There is this song by U2, I love them and it’s called One and some of the lyrics go “We get to carry one another” and I think that’s really powerful because it doesn’t say we help one another, we carry one another it’s says we get to, we have the opportunity to carry one another or help one another when one of us needs to be carried and I think that’s very powerful. There is nothing greater in the world then to help someone when they need help and then to feel that coming back at you when you need help. My son told me the other day on the phone when we were taking about him going to debate and stuff and having a good time and he said you can’t have the fun, none of this would be possible if you can’t share it with someone. He was saying this because they won the debate and they wanted to go out afterwards and celebrate and he said if he weren’t able to share it with them it wouldn’t have meant anything. That was very powerful in itself because what kind of joy is there if you can’t tell people about it or share about it? When I take my little 9 month old out and she’s cooing at people and smiling at people and that really makes me happy because she is unknowingly spreading all this joy. When I’m on an airplane walking down the aisle I just see all these people smiling. Someone that I would never have any contact with otherwise is being touched by my kid. But that’s how we are, but we get cynical and we don’t want to talk to each other. It’s just like how houses are built. Nobody has a big front porch anymore like how those Midwestern houses are with the chair in the front. Everything is locked and gated and mine, mine, mine with security systems and it doesn’t have to be that way.


Please tell us the story about how you pooped your pants in a match.I was with a friend I was actually training with, Rhadi Ferguson and it was at a tournament. I think it was in California and I pulled guard and I don’t usually pull guard and I was bent a certain way and this was before all the protein powders and stuff so I think I had eaten some raw eggs and got a little something from it. Anyway, I think I was in half guard and then he mounted me, but I had my hand underneath so it wasn’t a full mount and he was squeezing and I was trying to do that half guard sweep, but he was squeezing really hard and I just felt it go down the bottom of my shorts. After I got up and I felt going down my leg I just put my hands up signaling that I got to go the bathroom and we had to actually re do the match and I threw those shorts away.

Jeff would like to thank JM Lexus for their tremendous support in sponsoring him for this fight, GX Supplements, Supplement Warehouse, Live Colors, Mobink, La Parilla, OTM, ML Management and his managers Tina and Ray, Fight Time Promotions and Karla and Howard Davis, American Top Team Coconut Creek, IHP and all of his coaches and trainers.

Published on April 8, 2011 at 12:00 am
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