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Jay Hieron talks about beating up knuckleheads from other gyms

Jay Hieron talks about beating up knuckleheads from other gyms

A Jay Hieron article on MiddleEasy. Damn, did we just jinx the entire site? Let’s hope not. We need all the luck we can get while we complete this site upgrade. If server problems were dudes walking on the streets of Las Vegas, we would hire Jay Hieron to beat every last one of them and curb stomp their ugly faces into the concrete. That may be a little bit too much — no it’s not. Curb stomps for everyone if Jay Hieron is involved. I’ve never met a site error that doesn’t deserve a curb stomp. Let’s roll with this. Actually, let’s not.

Jay Hieron is from the streets. More from the streets than you could ever be. Even if your mother gave birth on a sidewalk in a busy metropolitan area — Jay Hieron is still more street than you. Hieron hails from Freeport, New York and he’s nicknamed after a horse breed best known for its use in horse racing. I think that says just about everything really.

Check out this video we grabbed of Jay Hieron telling us about the one time when he shut up some dude that claimed he had over 200 fights.

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