Jason Statham sets an interviewer straight about MMA

It’s never a slow news day when Jason Statham corrects some clueless interviewer who obviously has no idea what mixed martial arts is about, yet has the audacity to bash the sport because the interviewer wants to prove the point that he is as ignorant about MMA as what you thought he would be. It’s like the guy is caught in a self-reaffirming loop that makes him look more misinformed with each playback of the video. Damn, perhaps if MMA fans weren’t so elitist, we could accept this interviewer into our arms and teach him the inner-mechanics of the sport — or we can just let him fend for himself in the great wilderness of the unknown. I think we should go with the latter.

Check out this video of Jason Statham setting an interviewer straight about his skewed perception of what MMA truly is. [Source]

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