Jason High rips it up at Titan FC, finishes Rudy Bears in 51 seconds

Ever since we’ve been sponsoring Jason High, the guy has been undefeated. It’s a scientific fact, just like if you spread butter on a piece of toast and toss it in the air, it will always land of the buttered-side down, always. The same can be applied if you throw a cat in the air, it will always land on its feet. Now, based on science, if you strap a piece of buttered toast to a cat’s back and throw it in the air, it will float in space like a balloon. It’s a quantum anomaly, and above all else, we do not encourage you to throw your household pet in the air. Throw your neighbors.

Last night at Titan FC, Jason High continued his winning streak by slapping a spinal-disrupting guillotine on Rudy Bears in the first round to win the co-main event bout in less than a minute. He did it while rocking the red MiddleEasy Monster on his shorts, which undoubtedly elevated the level of rawesome on the HDNet broadcast. Don’t worry, we have the video so you can see it in all of its digital splendor compliments of ZombieProphet.

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