Jan Blachowicz Responds To Israel Adesanya Weight Claims For UFC 259

Jan Blachowicz responds to Israel Adesanya's claims of weighing less than 200lb for their UFC 259 light heavyweight title bout, saying this makes things easier for him

Jan Blachowicz
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With Israel Adesanya moving up 20lb to face light heavyweight champ Jan Blachowicz at UFC 259, it was assumed that he may weigh less than Jan. If he is as light as he claims he will be, Jan says that will only make his job easier on Saturday night.

This weekend’s UFC 259 features a whopping three titles, but without a doubt that main event between Blachowicz and Adesanya is the most anticipated. Of course, that is understandable, given the middleweight champ is attempting to become the fifth champ-champ in UFC history.

In the lead-up to this fight, Adesanya made it clear that he was not planning to bulk up a ton, as opposed to someone else who is changing weight classes. In fact, the burgeoning superstar said that he is likely only going to weigh about 193lb.

“I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna keep the same energy during my fight week. I’m not gonna go crazy and f*cking order Uber Eats and cakes and whatever,” Adesanya said. “I’m just gonna keep the same energy, gonna use my guide Jordi [Sullivan] nutrition. Gonna use Jordi to fuel me this whole week. Kai [Kara-France] is hopping in the sauna on the bath, so I’m gonna do the same thing like I always do. Mainly just for my routine, my mind, it’s not a superstition thing. It’s just my body just knows what it does. My body knows it’s fight week already, so it’s gonna start dropping weight because this is what my body does. My body just realizes, like ‘Oh, yeah. This is what we’re doing’. So, I’m just gonna keep the same energy. I’m not gonna change anything different and then start to like get all crazy, and, yeah. Don’t be surprised if I weigh in at like 193. Yeah, don’t be surprised.”

“Put it this way: I can still make 185 if I have to,” Adesanya said. “Same flex, baby. Yeah same thing. Yeah there’s nothing, it’s just silly to me when people decide to go add more muscles to their frame that they’re not used to over the years they’ve been working this game. So, yeah, I don’t know. For me, I just do this thing different. I wanna bring it back to the rawness of martial arts, technique. So don’t worry about weight. Don’t worry about all that. Yes it’s a certain factor, like i said at certain point where we comes, a favor for other guy what, not this time. I don’t think he is gonna put an enough weight to be an issue for me even he tries to, he’s gonna fuck himself.”

Jan Blachowicz Will Make Israel Adesanya Feel The Weight

Of course, given these interesting claims from Israel Adesanya, fans were curious as to what Jan Blachowicz had to say in response. However he made it clear that he is not worried about what his foe weighs.

Speaking in a recent interview, the light heavyweight champ said that this could even be a benefit to him on Saturday night. He says that with the size of the Octagon, he will be able to press Adesanya back, and make him feel the difference in their weight.

“(Adesanya wants to) be really fast, maybe he put a focus on this. Maybe if he puts on a little bit of weight, he will be slower and he will lose his best weapon. I think that’s why he is going to weigh so low,” Blachowicz said.

“I don’t care. I’ve trained with guys in his weight so I’m ready for the speed, and that’s it. I’m going to use my power, my weight to make him tired. I’ll clinch, I’ll do everything I can to win this fight..”

“The cage is smaller so I don’t have to run after him since he’s going to use his footwork. When I grab him, I’m going to use my weight and he’s going to feel that I’m heavier so I think he’s going to be tired,” Blachowicz added.

“When the fight goes to the ground, I’m also going to be bigger so I think it’s going to be an easier job for me to control him on the ground and take him to the ground. It’s not only my power but it’s also my weight so I think that will be really good for me, and will help. But first I have to catch him.”


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Izzy Will Regret Moving Up To 205

Aside from the difference in weight, Jan Blachowicz says he will be making Israel Adesanya regret moving up in weight. He also made it clear that he does not think Izzy is underestimating him as an opponent.

“I think that he made a mistake by going to light heavyweight, and I will try to prove it and do my best,” Blachowicz said.

“I think he has respect for me, but he is also strong mentally and he believes in himself. I don’t think that he doesn’t have respect. I think that I have respect for him and he has respect for me also.”

We will have to wait and see if the weight difference matters in the end, as Israel Adesanya looks to claim a second title against Jan Blachowicz this weekend, at UFC 259.

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