Jamie Varner says he could have beaten Joe Lauzon easily if he had fought a boring third round

I could have been an astronaut if I had decided not to be a writer for MiddleEasy. If you think that statement is ridiculous, you’re absolutely right. My passion for moderately humorous writing, combined with a lack of astrophysical interests could be a part of it. My car loan after college also required me to get a job to pay off debt too. I could give you a lot of reasons why I’m not an astronaut, but most of them sound like excuses for my shortcomings. It’s cool, I wear my blackbelt of wasted-potential well. Jamie Varner and I are nothing alike. He knows exactly why he lost his fight against Joe Lauzon: it’s because he wanted to keep fans entertained. He says that if he were to fight a boring fight, he could have easily won in the third round, but that’s just not his style. Props to Jamie for keeping fans informed on what he could have done and subsequently inspiring me to picking up a college-level textbook on astronomy.

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