Jake Shields Goes Full Diaz and Garry Tonon Takes Flight at Polaris Pro 3

Despite a lack of submissions in Polaris Pro’s third installment of their sub-only tournament, it sure as hell didn’t lack excitement. Sure, the bouts were filled with grappling nerdgasms, but it got wild off the mat as well. Evidently, Jake Shields and AJ Agazarm were training partners and there was a little trash talk beforehand. The competitive bout went to a draw and Shields seemed not too pleased with it.

Transformation into full Diaz complete! Agazarm tried to shake Shields hand, which was refused and led into some posturing that ended in a Dhalsim-extended Stockton Slap. Respective crews walk in to break everything up (imagine if Nate Diaz would’ve been there!) and then Shields gets on the mic to make sure everyone knows who he thinks is a bitch.

The main event of the card was Garry Tonon trying to not get his leg ripped off while also trying to rip the leg off of Rousimar Palhares. If there was any question of the testicular fortitude of Tonon before this, there should be none now.

Look at that insane Twister transition! Despite being undersized and being launched into orbit with satellites and shit multiple times, Tonon proved he is one of the best grapplers on the entire planet no matter what the weight. The bout also ended in a draw, but that’s a win in my book against beast lord Toquinho. Just what in the hell is next for Tonon?

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