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Jake Paul Says Dustin Poirier Will Be Selling Conor McGregor KO Chain For Charity

Jake Paul confirms that he will be sending Dustin Poirier the $100k chain of a knocked out Conor McGregor and explains why he is speaking up for fighters

Jake Paul Says Dustin Poirier Will Be Selling Conor McGregor KO Chain For Charity

It seemed like a joke when Jake Paul offered to send Dustin Poirier his $100k chain of Conor McGregor getting knocked out. Not only was this a real offer, but Dustin will apparently be selling the chain for charity.

As the ultimate troll, it seemed fitting that the younger Paul brother would get a chain made that depicts McGregor laying on the cage, after Poirier TKOd him earlier this year. However it seemed a bit surprising that he would then offer this diamond encrusted piece to the Diamond himself, after their third fight at UFC 264.

Speaking in a recent interview, Jake confirmed that Dustin had accepted the offer for the chain and that it would be sent to him soon. Moreover, he says that Dustin plans to sell the chain and use the money for charity, which lines up with his altruistic nature.

“(At UFC 264) you see my voodoo chain of ‘Sleepy McGregor’ manifested what happened to him, and he got sent out on a stretcher like a b—ch. He’s lost it. He’s an actor now. I think it’s all an act and Dustin Poirier is the one to expose that,” Paul said.

“Yeah, (Poirier) sent over his address so we’re getting it shipped out. I think he’s auctioning it off for charity. Yeah, it’s real. I’m hoping he takes a picture with it. I think that’d be the most legendary thing, and make Conor look so stupid.”

Jake Paul Wants To Advocate For Fighters

As much as the combat sports world wants to hate on Jake Paul, he does a lot of things that are hard to dislike. Namely he has been a vocal advocate for fighter pay, calling out Dana White on numerous occasions.

To him, he feels like fighters need a vocal supporter who is unafraid to call out promoters. On top of that, he feels like with this attitude, he can help usher in a new generation of boxing fans and fighters.

“I think someone needs to do it and it stems from passion of growing this sport. I think fighters deserve more. I’ve done business, I’ve wrestling, I’ve done football, and boxing is the hardest thing out of all that. These fighters are risking their lives in there, and I don’t understand how people in the UFC don’t get paid more and are tied into these crazy contracts,” Paul said.

“We’re seeing the sport just change. We’re seeing it evolve. It’s coming into a new era, and I plan on leading us in that march forward with all of these fighters. I want everyone to benefit, I want this sport to grow. I want the youth, and Gen Z to really embrace boxing, and I want them to become boxers and make an impact that will last forever.”

The trolling attitude of Jake Paul can not be denied, and it is perhaps most clear with this exchange between he and Dustin Poirier with the Conor McGregor chain. That said, it does genuinely seem like he wants to make some sort of difference in combat sports.

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