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Jackson’s MMA has Facebook status beef with the NJ athletic commission

Jackson’s MMA has Facebook status beef with the NJ athletic commission

It seems like everyone runs around squawking on the Interwebs about how silly it is to beef with anyone via Twitter or Facebook status updates but those same people can’t get enough of watching a beef unfold. Let’s be real, as soon as we see something starting to simmer, we break out our folding tailgate chairs, throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and break out our plastic forks and knives so we can devour it like it’s something as delicious as anything in the above banner picture doused in marinade and tossed on a flaming hot charcoal grill. Face it, we all want a hot slab of beef from time to time.

We don’t want that fake over processed beef with a bunch of fillers though. It just isn’t quite as yummy as the real thing. If we’re going to be satisfied, we need the real deal. Genuine Grade A legitimate beef. Today, we’ve got a big fat juicy serving of it coming straight out of Jackson’s MMA Facebook page following the Arlovski vs Johnson WSOF 2 fight. From the looks of this Jackson’s MMA FB post, the camp is not happy at all with the NJ Athletic commission’s handling of the WSOF 2 event and most specifically a key time keeping issue that could have potentially caused a very different outcome for Andre Arlovski that night.

OK, to be fair there is always something that can be missed or overlooked by a referee or bad judging that causes people to argue the outcome of a fight. But Arlovski ended up losing the fight to Anthony Johnson in those extra eight seconds. When the time keeper is off and a jaw breaking and fight ending blow is thrown during eight full seconds that the fighters should have been going back to their corners to prepare for the next round-that is what we call a legitimate beef. [Source]

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