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Jacare Souza vs. Tim Kennedy is too perfect of a fight not to watch

Jacare Souza vs. Tim Kennedy is too perfect of a fight not to watch

I woke up this morning with the realization that Jacare Souza vs. Tim Kennedy goes down this Saturday and by the end of the week, someone will emerge from that tsunami of ground-and-pound with the Strikeforce middleweight belt. It’s the equivalent of Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen if it happened two weeks later in some alternate universe that accommodated MMA in large venues. If you’re a Showtime subscriber, this Saturday at 10pm ET/PT Strikeforce Houston will magically appear on your television and you will love yourself for watching it.

Out of the thousands of articles that are on, the second most read is the announcement that Jacare signed with Strikeforce. If articles were Summer Olympic sprint runners, that Jacare article would be like Usain Bolt. The seventh most read article, Pat Barry talks about the day he cashed his $120,000 check, isn’t even in Jacare’s ballpark and that one made the front page of It just goes to show you how popular a person that smacks his arms together like a crocodile can really be.

After Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller called Jacare a ‘Vagina-Head Brazilian‘ after their Dream 9 no-contest, Jacare stated that he wasn’t going to get involved in a verbal war with Mayhem. Instead, he’s gone on a two-fight tear through Strikeforce’s 185lb division and in five days we will finally see perhaps the greatest non-UFC middleweight bout that can currently be assembled in MMA. It’s beyond perfect. I’m not sure where ‘beyond perfect’ resides, but wherever it is we know Bas Rutten is the designated gate-keeper.

Tim Kennedy is the best thing to happen to the US since the birth of Road Block. Get a plane, drop this dude in Afghanistan and the entire war on terrorism could end in the amount it takes you to watch the entire Ray Mercer/Tim Sylvia fight. In fact, GI Joe cartoons taught all of us that ‘knowing is half the battle‘. The other half is an overhand right from Tim Kennedy. Set aside the fact that Tim Kennedy looks like an extra in Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, he’s fired a M249 fully automatic machine gun and there’s a probability that he’s killed someone when he was enlisted in the military. Every word in that previous sentence can not be applied to your life. Both fighters have identical 12-2 records and both lost their first MMA fight via KO/TKO in the first round with only twenty-seconds separating their stoppages. It’s like the eerie similarities between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy except both guys were not unexpectedly shot in the head. Let’s keep it like that.

Just don’t forget to watch Strikeforce Houston. I understand that some of you out there have more important things to do on a Saturday night like total my friggin car, but you can’t call yourself an MMA fan if you intentionally (or unintentionally) miss free MMA and two title bouts. Your MMA fan card will be revoked.

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