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Jacare is the senor over Villasenor. Worst headline ever.

Jacare is the senor over Villasenor. Worst headline ever.

After tonight’s unanimous decision over Joey Villasenor, I will walk around my neighborhood and gather every stray I can find to individually sacrifice to the MMA gods for Jacare vs. Mayhem III. Don’t worry, dying to the MMA gods in the name of Jacare is a great honor that should be shared throughout the feline population. Whenever you sacrifice a cat to the MMA gods, Dan Quinn thinks of another use for Stevia. It’s a win/win situation.

Just kidding, don’t kill cats. It doesn’t solve anything…but piss off PETA.

Tonight, Jacare Souza fought a very experienced Joey Villasenor and managed to grab the unanimous decision in a bout that can only be described as a ‘technician’s paradise’. Props to Jacare on his current frate traneage through Strikeforce and the inevitable re-re-match with Mayhem Miller.

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