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It’s official, Dream 13 had the best intro in the history of intros

This time yesterday, I was gnawing the inside of my mouth in anticipation for Dream 13. Actually, I was grinding my teeth because I ingested like seven forms of caffeine in order to make the five hour marathon of Dream 13. Unfortunately, my body has a resilient tolerance to stimulants that was obtained through long nights of partying in the UK many moons ago. I ended up passing out during the intermission and woke up to the sound of my upstairs neighbor stampeding around like the tap-dancing mythological minotaurs they really are. If you managed to stay up last night, you probably remember that insanely cool introduction they showed on the big screen at Yokohama Arena. Thanks to MMASupremacy, that video can now sit right next to that video of that one kid doing the lightsaber thing on your desktop (maybe it’s time for you to finally delete that).


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