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It seems that Vitor Belfort will fight Tim Kennedy, but not at 185. Would be down to fight Roy Nelson?

It seems that Vitor Belfort will fight Tim Kennedy, but not at 185. Would be down to fight Roy Nelson?

Sometimes, Google Translate is really confusing, but I’m pretty sure the gist of this article by is telling us that Vitor Belfort is not willing to fight Tim Kennedy in Brazil, a fight that was previously reported to be going down, and that he will fight other people, just no one at 185 unless it’s for the title. He would even fight Roy Nelson, which I absolutely want to see. My GOD I want to see that fight. 

I think that’s what it’s saying at least. I’ve decided to copy and paste the entire Google translated Portuguese article below for your reading pleasure/confusion.

The UFC plans to schedule a fight between Vitor Belfort and American Tim Kennedy for the middleweight (84kg) went downhill. The wife and manager of Brazilian Joana Prado, who on Thursday received a call from Lorenzo Fertitta told who refused the offer of the owner of the organization. Kennedy had already posted up on Twitter to come to Brazil to face Belfort.

– It makes no sense Vitor, who is the number 1 ranking, fight number 2, number 6 or number 10 category. In his next fight in the middleweight division will be against the winner of Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva. If the UFC wants him to fight in any other category above average, we are available. Can be against anyone, Tim Kennedy, to Roy Nelson, but has to be in the 93kg division or weight married. Even in heavy fighting him. Vitor wants to fight, but in his category only if the title fight.

The bout between Vitor Belfort and Tim Kennedy was planned for Brazil. Also according to Joana Prado, the UFC did not actually specify that the card would be October 9 and November 9, both already agreed for the country – the first has no city defined, and the second will be in Goiânia .

If the UFC does not mark a duel under conditioned by Belfort, a fighter Rio will have to wait until early next year to return to the Octagon. The rematch between defending champion, Chris Weidman, and Anderson Silva is scheduled for Dec. 28 in Las Vegas, USA.

Solid points are made by Vitor, but I want to get back to this Roy Nelson thing: make that fight. Bring in Tank Abbot and Don Frye just to sit in the crowd for that card. Magical. Please Dana, for everything that is good — make Vitor Belfort vs. Roy Nelson happen.

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