It’s Tuesday, so an 80-man street fight should probably be watched

I guess it’s a lot easier to walk up to a dude like Jose Aldo in Terminator mode when you have 39 of your friends at your back, but there’s no excuse for literally walking around and just kicking downed fight participants in the head. That’s a douche move, and any honor that was gained when the winning team helped up the broken and bloody losers was pretty much lost because of that dude. It’s always one guy that ruins everything, isn’t it?

These large football hooligan-style brawls are no stranger to MiddleEasy, but supposedly this one has nothing to do with sports. It’s just two rival towns deciding they need meet on a snowy battlefield with cameramen (all very safe it seems) in tow. A battle royale that opens with a jumping kick starts it off and by the end we have crimson snow.

It’s interesting to go back and watch the fight and focus on different fighters for as long as you can. You really get your bang for your buck there.

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