It’s true, Jorge Santiago has been cut from the UFC

Let me be the first to say if Jorge Santiago fought Misaki for the rest of his MMA career, I would be perfectly fine with it. We don’t need belts, just headline the seventeen One FC cards with Misaki vs. Santiago. That’s all I’m asking.

After grabbing his second L in the UFC in 2011, multiple sources are reporting that Jorge Santiago has been released from his UFC contract for the second time in his career. It’s tough to find a reason why one of the top middleweights in MMA just can’t grab a win in the UFC. You could say that Japanese MMA is just incapable of operating within the North American continent. It’s a puzzling thing, really. In fact, it makes you wonder if American MMA will function in Japan for UFC’s upcoming card in the Saitama Super Arena in 2012.

In honor of Jorge Santiago, it’s only right that we post a highlight of one of the greatest fights of 2010. A fight that reportedly took Misaki on the brink of death. [Source]

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