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It’s time to get ready for Mega Megu on DREAM’s NYE card

It’s time to get ready for Mega Megu on DREAM’s NYE card

Earlier in the history of America, back when a gas lamp and a loaf of soda bread was the most ballerish combination you could have on any given night, if one sector of America disagreed with the other, there would be no amicable solution. In those days, conflict resolution was limited to how much gun powder you stored in whatever leather sack you had under your bed. People sort of slept on the part of American history where the country literally divided and attempted to kill the opposing side just because they disagreed over the way the political system should be run. Civil war is no joke. In the 1860s, we were sticking knives through our neighbor’s necks just because it was the popular thing to do. Americans had some romanticized idea of what life should be like and we were willing to slit throats just to see it happen. Now that we have it, there’s nothing really left to ‘fight’ for. Sure, there’s that vague ‘tea-party’ movement that occasionally shows up at political rallies only to proclaim how the entire country is ‘going down the wrong path’ but offer no solution to remedy the problem. Essentially, the emotional content that built our country has been reduced to undirected anger. No one knows why they’re angry, people just are — and they’re too apathetic to change it. It’s trendy to be angry. It implies that you have a radical opinion, and thus, will stand out from the rest of the horde who you are so vehemently against. If our forefathers witnessed Bellator 34 when Zoila Frausto was handed a split-decision over Megumi Fujii, snapping her twenty-two win streak, they would undoubtedly be very, very mad.

Megumi Fuji’s loss at Bellator 34 removed her title of GOAT and consequently handed it to Cris Cyborg who put on an absolute display of rawesome against Hiroko Yamanaka at last weekend’s Strikeforce card. I’m sure you’re not the only person that believes Mega Megu should have grabbed a decision over Zoila Frausto, but in a couple weeks she will have the opportunity to extract her revenge via Karla Benitez…in some strange way.

MMAJunkie confirmed that Mega Megu has been matched-up against Karla Benitez in DREAM’s first venture into women in MMA and it all goes down on New Year’s Eve only on HDNet. There, now you have even more reason not to go out December 30th/31st.

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