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It’s really over – Urijah Faber and Duane Ludwig are ‘done’

It’s really over – Urijah Faber and Duane Ludwig are ‘done’

It was such a special moment in time for MMA. Duane Ludwig, a down and out vet finds new meaning and purpose in helping the little people of the world. Team Alpha Male saw a resurgence, saw countless knockouts under Duane, but then Bang decided to leave and kind of took bantamweight monster TJ Dillashaw with him. For at least half of the time. 

Words were said, people got annoyed. Finger quotes were used. Then Duane and Urijah were no longer friends. At least according to this submission radio clip.

“You know, I’ve tried to keep it real private because I don’t want to air dirty laundry necessarily, but it’s just kind of sad,” said Faber. “Duane is a guy that was really, really down and out when I gave him a call, and I’ve just learned that dysfunction kind of follows that guy. So we’ve brought him into a great situation and really tried to hoist him up, and to see him bad-mouthing the team is kind of sad, you know?

“We’ve done a lot for him and he’s been out of our gym for maybe a year and a half, and to see a guy like talk about guys he hasn’t even been around for a year and a half like he knows what the heck they’re even up to is kind of strange. Especially guys that have really gone out of their way to help promote a guy, because he was pretty emotional about how down and out he was at the time. So it’s just unfortunate, man.

“There’s some guys that, no matter the opportunity seem to stab themselves in the foot. And from my stand point, what I’ve seen from him, I don’t like the way he treats people. He’s a bully, he’s done things that have really rubbed me the wrong way as far as building a positive environment, and I feel bad for the people that are stuck with him, because he takes and he takes and he takes, and it’s not the way that I built my team and I don’t appreciate his negativity. So for me, I’m done with the guy.’

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