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It’s official, the UFC gladiator guy has been cut from the promotion starting with UFC 143

It’s official, the UFC gladiator guy has been cut from the promotion starting with UFC 143

This gladiator guy, he gets dressed up before every event, grabs some sand from the ground and walks out of a brightly door — but no one knows where he goes. I’ve never seen gladiator guy in the audience during UFC events. I’m sure his leather skirt and well-constructed tunic would undoubtedly stand out in the crowd. Maybe this brightly lit door just leads to another brightly lit door, like that Cube movie. If that’s the case, then we should feel sorry for gladiator guy. He’s stuck in a quantum mechanical trap that is impossible to get out of. Well, that is until Dana White kicks him out of the UFC.

According to an exclusive statement made on The Underground, Dana White revealed that starting with this weekend’s UFC 143 card, the gladiator intro is no more.

Tonight, UFC President Dana White revealed exclusively to the Underground that the opening sequence for it’s PPV broadcast has been redone and the new introduction will be revealed this Saturday for UFC 143. The event will feature Nick Diaz fighting Carlos Condit for the interim welterweight championship in the main event.

In honor of the gladiator guy and his infinite battle into the land of the brightly lit unknown, let’s check him out one more time and subsequently theorize where he will end up next. My guess is on the Tonight Show with David Letterman or a cameo appearance in the next Grand Theft Auto game.

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