It’s friday, so get down and watch some aggressive Wand sparring sessions

Why does Rebecca Black have to exist? How many more Friday’s will I wake up and have her dumb song invade my consciousness? Sure the lyrics aren’t very Lennon/McCartney but singing ‘frydae frydae’ is just impossible to resist, 115 million Youtube views can’t be wrong. How can you argue with the lyrics ‘yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwords’? Those are 100% truthful and accurate lyrics according to the Roman calender. Good for Rebecca Black, most people her age can’t write lyrics that honest. So get down on Friday and have some fun fun fun fun fun watching Wanderlei Silva partaking in some aggressive sparring sessions with Vitor Vianna, Michael Costa and Jorge Lopez.

Wand does not appreciate the axe kick at 1:33.


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