It’s cool guys, Nate Marquardt doesn’t care if you’re on steroids

After Marquardt’s inhuman knockout of Demian Maia in twenty-one seconds, representatives from the planet Krypton accused Nate Marquardt of stuffing his gloves with green kryptonite. Upon further investigation, the guy just had Rawesomeade running through his veins. We’ve thrown that imaginary product around for over a year now, but there will be a day when you can walk into your local Wal-Mart and pick it up from the energy drink aisle. If Steven Seagal can do it, so can we. Actually, that statement should be: ‘If Steven Seagal can do it, there’s no way in hell you can do it without accidentally breaking your neck – or have Stevan Seagal intentionally break your neck for thinking you can do what he can do’. That’s too long of an idiom to remember, so maybe we’ll hold off on introducing ‘Rawesomeade’ to the beverage market.

According to Nate Marquardt, juice won’t help you against him. Not actual juice, be the juice. The kind of stuff reality shows are made from. In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Marquardt says he doesn’t even care if his opponent takes steroids — he’s still grabbing the W.

“My thinking is, it doesn’t matter if the guy I’m fighting is on steroids. I don’t care about that. I should be able to beat him either way. I feel like I can fight someone on steroids and still have them at a disadvantage.

“If you’re a true athlete, the best way is to be natural. Anything you get from steroids you’re trading off somewhere else, whether it’s your cardio or longevity in the sport. You need all those things.”

Marquardt doesn’t give his opinion on horse meat, which has clearly given some an unfair advantage. [Source]

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