It looks like that last knee from Melvin Guillard was legal after all

Melvin Guillard predicted what he was going to do and executed his game plan with extreme precision. If the world operated in the construct of a Mortal Kombat videogame, some ominous voice would have said ‘flawless victory’ after his UFC Fight for the Troops 2 fight against Evan Dunham. Towards the end of the very short round, Guillard caught Dunham with a flurry of strikes followed by a couple knees that were aimed directly at Evan Dunham’s forehead. The first one landed and rocked Dunham. As his body slowly collapsed to the mat, it appeared that Guillard landed a second illegal knee to a downed Dunham. However, upon further inspection, it appears that the second knee didn’t land on Dunham’s skull, and made contact with his left forearm instead. Screw instant replay, the internet has instant .gif technology, and it’s going nowhere. [Source]

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