It looks like Mariusz Pudzianowski really has been working on his ground game

There’s a special place in hell for people that drink, drive and destroy a parked Daewoo Lanos and wherever that place is, Mariusz Pudzianowski will be there to greet you by squeezing your head until it pops like a grape. The penalty for destroying the Daewoo is death by The World’s Strongest Man and humiliation by knowing that you no longer have a head. You will just wander the afterlife blindly trying to find your head and Mussolini will kick you in the butt at every available opportunity.

A few days ago, Mariusz Pudzianowski mentioned in an interview that he decided to ‘give up’ some of his muscle mass to elevate his agility for his budding MMA career. Now we finally have evidence and it looks like somewhere hidden behind all of those muscles was an actual ground game. [Source]

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