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It begins once again: Nick Diaz, Dana White and the whacky world of promo shooting

It begins once again: Nick Diaz, Dana White and the whacky world of promo shooting

Well, well, well. It seems like the drama surrounding Nick Diaz and his promo-shooting abilities will never end. We all remember the build up to UFC 137, the back door escapes, the conferences missed and opportunities lost. Tears were shed, my trip to Vegas was thrown upside-down and 340 pounds of emotional baggage was placed upon my shoulders for having to witness BJ Penn and Nick Diaz beat the hell out of each other for fifteen minutes. It’s cool though, all is forgiven. Time heals all wounds, even gaping ones, but my God if Nick somehow gets torn out of this main event again I’m going to visit LayzieTheSavage and shoot a double on him so hard nugs will come out of his ears. Not like Layzie has anything to do with it, but he’s always the first person to be blamed. It’s just the way it works, I guess.

MMAFighting reported on Dana White’s recent comments of Nick Diaz no-showing multiple filming sessions for the UFC 158 countdown shows, but the 209 has responded with the contrary.

Here’s what Dana said:

“Nick Diaz would be an interesting Countdown show if we could get him to show up for those,”

“Imagine how good his Countdown show would be. F–king think his video blog would be great? How about if he had a professionally shot, by professionals, the best in the business, the best at cutting and producing features on athletes, imagine how f–king good that would be. First we’ve got to get him to show up for the f–king interviews, and then we can do it. He missed, how many did he miss? Four? Three. He’s missed three.”

“We’ve got a crew in Stockton for two weeks,” White explained. “When we don’t do an interview, you know much that costs us? A s–tload on money. Okay? So we’ve got a f–king crew rolling around Stockton not doing a f–king thing. It costs us a lot of money and we can’t properly sell the fight or Nick Diaz.”

“I knew something was going to go bad somewhere,”  “It’s just, that’s Nick.”

But wait! Diaz tweeted out this response, with a more… How should we say, thorough response from his lawyer, Jonathan Tweedale, via MMAFighting:

“Dana is mistaken,” “There is no ‘crew rolling around Stockton,’ and Nick did not ‘miss’ three interviews.

“In fact, several earlier dates were arranged without Nick’s knowledge and with no notice to Nick. When Nick learned what had happened, I assisted him in arranging a date and time directly (Thursday, February 14). Nick arrived early and was in good spirits at that February 14 date — the one and only date he knew about in advance. Nick requires things to be done in an organized and orderly manner. That is the kind of professional he is.”

Cue the .GIF that sums up everything.


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