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Israel Adesanya works an Avengers burn into his smack talk with Yoel Romero

Israel Adesanya works an Avengers burn into his smack talk with Yoel Romero

gets this reference. Israel Adesanya is flying extremely close to the Sun with Yoel Romero.

TBH this entire post just be an excuse to talk about Avengers: End Game.

**Spoiler Alert**

Sure Israel and Yoel may eventually collide in the UFC cage, but it was no End Game. Until the Adesanya and Romero beef spans across 10 years and 21 feature length films, then it can talk to us.

In the meantime, Israel clowning on Yoel with a Groot line is pretty sick and timely. When does Guardians of the Galaxy 3 come out again?

If Yoel Romero even sticks around the 185 pound division, will Israel Adesanya still be at the top of the mountain when he gets there? Maybe because Robert Whittaker is ever injured and stays pulling out of fights, but the current UFC middleweight champion is always being overlooked.

At the end of the day Whittaker still holds two wins over Romero. Whittkar is the Captain Marvel of the UFC cinematic universe. Yeah you got a big push out of the gate, but where you at in End Game? New haircut was dope though.

If Israel is one of the Avengers, feels like Tony Stark, but Romero cannot be Thanos. Too many holes in his game. Maybe Yoel can be lonely, making soup by himself Thanos. Just chilling in his Cuban beach front condo.

Plus if Adesanya is Iron Man this won’t end well. Maybe Israel is a one hit wonder as champion and he can’t put the weight of a decade long cinematic universe on his back? Whittaker will get to shot his shoot one day.

Or maybe with this level of shit talk, Adesanya carries the middleweight title to heights MMA has never seen before. One tweet in and the long game may already be in play.

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