Israel Adesanya: I’d Weigh In With ‘Full Clothes And A Box Of Dunkin’ Donuts’ For Superfight With Stipe

Israel Adesanya
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Israel Adesanya Interested In Future Superfight With Heavyweight Champ

Israel Adesanya is looking to get the undisputed UFC Middleweight title on Saturday. However, if he manages to do that, he has his eyes set on a bigger prize.

Adesanya burst onto the UFC scene like a rocket, making his debut and earning an interim title in the same year. His fighting style and outgoing nature has made him one of the most sought after prospects in all of MMA. So much so, that he even believes that he is the main attraction in his UFC 243 bout with Robert Whittaker.

Additionally, it seems that Adesanya has some lofty goals for his UFC tenure. In an interview with Submission Radio, he and his coach Eugine Bareman talk about these aspirations. In fact, one of them could be a superfight at heavyweight.

“If it didn’t have to be next year, and you just wanted to go as big of a fight as we could, then I think you’d fight the heavyweight champ,” Bareman said. “No, he wouldn’t move up to heavyweight, he’d stay where he is. If you gave me a choice and said, you’ve got to give me a superfight, it’s gotta be a light heavyweight/heavyweight, then I’m taking heavyweight. It’s just different. There’s different things you can take advantage of that heavyweights do that the light heavyweights don’t give you. So like, if you want a show as big as you can.”

Moreover, “The Last Stylebender” says this would not be his first foray at heavyweight.

“In boxing and kickboxing, I’ve stepped in weight in any code I’ve done in fighting. So yeah, there’s a reason why. Even in kickboxing, I stepped up in heavyweight. And it’s like he said, there are certain things we can take advantage of (at heavyweight). And people think I’m gonna have to put on size, but that’s cause they’re dumb, they don’t understand the game. I weighed in with full clothes and a box of Dunkin’ Donuts the last time I fought at heavyweight. And so I stayed the same weight, but I still packed a punch. And I even dropped the second guy, flatlined him.”

Adesanya has previously gone back and forth with Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones. However, both he and his coach agree, that if given the opportunity, they would bypass 205 completely.

“If they’re talking about you doing a superfight, then skip light heavyweight and go straight to heavyweight,” Bareman said. “No one’s done that. I think Stipe. Stipe would be the one I’d like to fight.”

“Yeah, definitely,” Adesanya agreed. “I like the way he’s thinking. [Everyone laughs]. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

Israel Adesanya is set to take on Robert Whittaker for the undisputed UFC Middleweight title at UFC 243, in Sydney, Australia.

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  1. Mighty bold words. hes fooling himself if he think he can succeed at LHW AND HW while maintaining 185. Size does matter. Adesanya has too small of a frame to do well at those weights. He would be thrown around and crushed. Jones or Stipe would pile drive him. Hes a fool if he believes this.


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