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Israel Adesanya: Fighting Jan Blachowicz Is ‘Like A Big F–k You’ To Jon Jones

Israel Adesanya Explains How Potentially Fighting And Beating Jan Blachowicz For The Light Heavyweight Title Would Amp up His Rivalry With Jon Jones

Israel Adesanya: Fighting Jan Blachowicz Is ‘Like A Big F–k You’ To Jon Jones

Middleweight champ Israel Adesanya has his own reasons for accepting a champ-champ fight with Jan Blachowicz. However he admits that a part of the reasoning is so he can taunt his rival, former light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

The rivalry between Jones and Adesanya has been getting red hot over the last several months. That is why, when Jones vacated the light heavyweight title, fans thought there could be a big chance of the two facing off in the near future. However shocking news came instead, in the form of Dana White announcing that he wants Izzy to face newly crowned light heavyweight champ Jan Blachowicz instead, something that Israel confirmed to be true.


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Israel Adesanya Moving To 205 To Taunt Jon Jones

There are a lot of reasons for Israel Adesanya to want to take a champ-champ fight with Jan Blachowicz. Yet speaking in a recent interview, he confirmed that one of these reasons is to be able to rub it in Jon Jones’s face. He hopes to win a second title and mock Jon for being able to do something that Jones has not been able to do in his much longer time in the UFC.

“This is a big f–k you to him, just to be able to do something he hasn’t done,” Adesanya explained. “He cleared the light heavyweight division twice over and then started fighting recycled middleweights. Don’t come at me talking about ‘Move up in weight and fight’ when you can’t do the same thing after over ten years in the company. I’m actually about to do it.”

That being said, Adesanya is not forgetting about his desire to actually fight Jones. Their feud has already crossed lines into some pretty questionable territory, particularly when talk of dead parents got involved, but Izzy is not afraid to push the boundaries even more. Although he does not feel like he goes out of his way to talk trash to Jones, only speaking when it is brought up to him, he is not afraid to make this more ugly than Jon’s beef with Daniel Cormier.

“I don’t talk about him unless I’m asked about him. I don’t speak back to him unless he says something stupid about me,” Adesanya said. “Trust me, I’m not one to war wit. DC will tell you, he talked about his dad passing away and (Jon was like) ‘Who’s your daddy, who’s your daddy?’ and little jabs like that. I’m not one to war with. I understand this game of war.

“I know strategy in a way not a lot of people do,” Adesanya continued. “Especially online because I’m a f–king troll. I can troll these motherf–kers. I’m not a troll in the sense that I hide behind a keyboard but I’ll come see you. And he knows that already. There were some lines he already crossed when he brought my dad up and I mentioned his mom. It was a ‘How could you mention his dead mother?’ Look, I don’t wait until my parents are dead before I put them on a pedestal. I don’t wait till they’re gone. I put them on a pedestal now. So you don’t ever f–king put my parents name or anything about them in your f—ing lips, in your life.

“There’s more. Trust me there’s more. So you don’t want war.”

How long do you think it will be before Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya finally square off? Do you think their trash talk goes a bit too far sometimes?

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