Islam Makhachev Is Not Concerned With Oliveira’s Black Belt, Focused On The Gold Belt

Islam Makhachev is less concerned with Charles Oliveira's BJJ black belt and more concerned with getting the gold UFC belt.

Oliveira Machachev
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Islam Makhachev is not afraid to go to the ground with Charles Oliveira at UFC 280.

The main event of UFC 280 will be a great fight between two very experienced grapplers. Charles Oliveira is a former champion who has submitted many of his opponents over the years. He is a BJJ black belt and uses his submission skills to assert his will on his foes. For this bout, he will be taking on Islam Makhachev who has a very extensive Sambo wrestling background and is not scared to take the fight to the mat. 

Much has been said about the ground game in regard to this bout. Many are excited to see these two styles against each other. Both men have expressed interest in taking the fight to the mat. Makhachev thinks he is the first man to face Oliveira and not be scared of his takedown. He spoke to Daniel Cormier during fight week about this.

“I have to give him respect this guy have good skills but all his opponent they scared to go with him to ground you know that’s why he pressured all his opponent,” he said. “But when fight beginning if he come to try to push me I’m going to take him down. I’m going to stop him. All these guys they almost knock him out but they scare to show him like ground and pound. That’s why he feel comfortable. But I’m gonna change everything.”

Makhachev is not worried about Charles Oliveira’s BJJ black belt

The complexities of Oliveira’s BJJ game do not worry Makhachev. He feels his Sambo wrestling can overcome his jiu-jitsu skills. He joked that while Oliveira is a black belt, Makhachev will soon be a gold belt when he wins on Saturday. He then went on to critise the other opponents that Oliveira has faced recently, especially the BJJ credentials of some including Dustin Poirier. 

“But these guys have grappling skills? Why all these guys, who? Chandler, Gaethje, Poirier, who? These guys all don’t have nothing on the ground,” he said.

Whether the fight goes to the ground or stays standing, Makhachev knows he will be ready. He expressed to Cormier that he has been preparing for this moment for his whole life and is ready. 

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