Is there a corporate conspiracy surrounding the UFC 125 prelims on ION television?

I prefer my conspiracy theories much like I prefer my milk, whole. Nothing too whacky and with as little holes as possible — although, it’s impossible to place a hole in milk. Well, unless you freeze a cup of milk and then puncture holes in it, but if you go to that extent, you’re just a ridiculous human being.

Everyone seems to be beyond puzzled at today’s announcement that the UFC 125 preliminaries will be on a network channel called ‘ION’ which is apparently the largest broadcast television station group in the US, despite many of you (including myself) not hearing about the network or having it in their channel lineup. MMAHotwire has developed an elaborate conspiracy theory as to why ZUFFA chose to go with ION over any other network, and some of you may agree. Others, egh…may think it’s just a mountain of paranoia.

MTV2 is owned by MTV Networks which also owns Spike TV, all of which are wholly owned by major media congomerate [sic] Viacom. So, putting two and two together, you have two cable stations, MTV2 and Spike, which are owned by the same parent companies, both broadcasting major mixed martial arts programs, Bellator and the UFC.

I theorize that MTV Networks and ultimately Viacom were attempting to use their broadcasting of Bellator and UFC programs as some sort of intra-competetive [sic] marketing scheme. Now, I know that may sound like some really fancy corporate term, but I really made it up (I’m sure there’s a better, more accurate, formal term for this and if there is don’t hesitate to correct me in the “comments” section). What I’m getting at is MTV/Viacom offerring [sic] two MMA products to establish a stronghold in the growing MMA market. In other words, Viacom is doing what large corporations like Coca Cola and and General Mills do — they offer a top shelf product, and a smaller, cheaper brand of the same (for food companies, this is often carried out by using small vendors and distributors). By doing this, they are able to enjoy earnings from both consumers who are willing to purchase the high end product (pay television like Spike), and those who can only afford the dollar store grade stuff (free broadcast television like Ion). So, they almost appear to be competing products, much to the ignorance of American consumers who have know idea that the products are ultimately owned by some larger-than-life corporation.

Now, this discussion could not take place without at some point mentioning the second leading promotion in the game, Strikeforce. San Jose-based Strikeforce airs on Showtime and CBS, stations owned by CBS Broadcasting, Inc. A very brief history, CBS was taken over by Viacom back in 2000, but the two split in 2005. If you’ve been following along, you’re probably seeing that Viacom’s attempt to secure two stations broadcasting UFC events was a counter to CBS’s MMA stronghold via its Strikeforce broadcasts. Unfortunately for Viacom, their scheme was a failure as the UFC turned to independently-owned Ion Television for a free broadcast deal.

More of the conspiracy theory can be found on the website it originated off. Personally, I think ZUFFA is looking to eventually takeover the ION network and make it into a UFC channel, something that Dana White mentioned a few months ago. Of course, this is coming from the same guy who thought toasters, blenders and other kitchen appliances were going to ‘come alive’ on y2k so take that prediction as you may. [Source]

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