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Is murder legal? Vitor Belfort calls out CM Punk for his retirement fight in the UFC

LOL. Vitor Belfort calls out CM Punk? Why do we suddenly want this fight? Is there something wrong in our fight soul that makes us want to see a very old Vitor Belfort machine gun punch a very old and inexperienced CM Punk in the face? Yes, this needs to happen.

So it has been written for an unknown reason Vitor Belfort’s final fight in the UFC should versus CM Punk; in a blatantly obvious squash match that puts Belfort over as the conquering, retiring MMA hero.

Via our friends at FloCombat

“It would have to be an interesting fighter, but not a top fighter”, Belfort said. “I’ve been fighting good guys before: Dan Henderson, [Chris] Weidman, Dan Henderson, ‘Jacaré’ [Souza], [Gegard] Mousasi and now Kelvin [Gastelum]. These are all hard fights, so if you can book a smoother fight… What’s the name of that guy from WWE? CM Punk would be a good fight”, Belfort laughed. “CM Punk, let’s get it on. That would be a really good fight.”