Is it too late to nominate Maximo Blanco for KO of the year?

If you’ve been following Sengoku since its inception, then Maximo Blanco’s history of violence should be nothing new to you. There are absolutely no surprises and extraordinary knockouts are just a standard practice by the only Venezuelan I know that has gone on a five-fight KO streak. Back in May of 2009, Maximo Blanco was disqualified from Sengoku 7 for being entirely too raw. After knocking down Akihiko Mori, Blanco soccer-kicked Mori directly in the skull. In short, it appeared as if Blanco’s toe was firmly wedged at least three inches inside Mori’s skull. After the bout, Blanco said that he was genuinely confused about the rule-set at Sengoku and apologized for making yet another highlight reel.

This morning at Sengoku 15, Maximo Blanco pulled off another extraordinary feat of MMA and he did it while most of your were sleeping from whatever alcohol induced slumber you fell into. With only a few seconds left in the first round. Maximo Blanco pulled off MMA’s first butt-squat/upper-cut combo. Feeling the pressure of all two cheeks of your opponent’s gluteus shortly before you’re knocked out is the ultimate sign of disrespect in Venezuelan culture. Actually, it would be the ultimate sign of disrespect in any culture. Check out this .gif of last night’s Maximo Blanco’s KO of Kiuma Kunioku and, more importantly, witness one of the most slept-on lightweights in MMA.

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