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Is Fedor’s body ready for a comeback? It looks like it is…

Is Fedor’s body ready for a comeback? It looks like it is…

As we all know, Prime Fedor was somewhere around 2004-2007. It was around 2010 where it was clear injuries and a busy career of fighting men bigger than him and constantly winning took a toll on his body. Starting with Fedor’s Strikeforece fights, we saw a tubby Last Emperor, and that’s fine, he deserved to be a little tubby, but that could’ve lead to his three-fight losing streak. Now, Fedor has announced a comeback, he’s said he’s still training, and by god (specifically the Russian Orthodox version of God), he looks good. Fedor’s body looks ready.

Take a look at what Redditor tedprodfx16 posted today:

You could see how Fedor simply embraced the dad bod around 2011, but now he looks like a monster, and it seems like his comeback is going to be very interesting. Please let him come back and rematch Werdum in the UFC immediately. Please.

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