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Interview: WWE Four Horsewoman Sasha Banks calls MMA Four Horsewomen just some fans

Let the best build. Sasha Banks has spoken and she is not holding back when it comes to the WWE current feud between her set of female wrestlers and the Ronda Rousey led incarnation of the Four Horsewomen.

Banks was the only WWE wrestler not present during the initial WWE vs. MMA face-off between six alpha females. In the corner of fellow WWE wrestlers Bayley, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, Banks made her aura known with a clear shot at MMA’s most famous four person stable.

Appearing on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, the former WWE Women’s Champion gave the MMA Four Horsewomen some major side-eye before figuratively sipping on some Lipton tea

“It’s awesome, but we are The Four Horsewomen and they’re just fans. Yeah, and if they wanted to fight us, they need to get in the back of the line like everybody else, get a contract, train down at the Performance Center, get on NXT, and try to get called up just like everybody else.”

Survivor Series? Royal Rumble? WrestleMania? How fast will WWE pull the trigger on their clearer than ever plans of WWE vs. MMA female faction feud?

H/T CagesideSeats for the transcript

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