Interview: SI Swimsuit model/Muay Thai Fighter Mia Kang tells us about time travel, Thailand and more

By harnessing the limitless power of The Internet, had the good fortunate to chat with the uber cool Miss Mia Kang. Miss Kang is a Sports Illustrated model and Muay Thai fighter, and has become a part of the MMA Twittersphere over the past year. She’s has a faceoff picture with Saenchai and we are super jealous.

After hitting her up for Hong Kong street food recommendations, we asked her about fighting, time travel, the grossest thing in the world. And she was kind enough to reply:

Have any agents, managers, or friends ever tell you not to fight because of your modeling career? How’d you handle situations like that?

Only when I have upcoming projects where I can’t be banged up. But they never tell me not to do anything they just advise me not to. And I’m professional, I won’t jeopardize my clients and my work.

Did you become interested in combat sports as a fan, or from your training?

I was born and raised in Hong Kong where martial arts is hugely present in the culture. I think the interest started there then flourished and I became a fan and started practicing myself.

Do you have a favorite fight? MMA or Muay Thai that you found yourself watching over and over again?

No. There are so many talented fighters and incredible fights out there, especially with Muay Thai – the skill in Thailand is mesmerizing. I can be sitting in a random stadium watching 11-year-old boys fight and I’m gob smacked.

If you could travel back in time and live in any other time and place in the past, what would it be?

No clue. It would all be interesting…especially caveman times. I recon I’d be a kick ass cavewoman.

Do you think any of your model co-workers would make good fighters?

Hahaha. Listen if you get on the wrong side of ANY woman, she can do some damage.

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Models have a stereotype for partying, and some fighters have been known to embrace the rock star lifestyle. As both, do those instincts cancel each other out, or are you tearing down the club three nights a week?

Everything I stand for is about not fitting into stereotypes and being contained in a box that society has defined for us. I’m a multifaceted woman – an educated woman, who is a model and an athlete. I’m not one for night clubs but there’s a time and a place for everything.

What’s your end goal with fighting? UFC? Bellator? Glory Kickboxing?

I just want to reach my potential and have fun doing it. I don’t need to fight, I already have a career, I do it because I want to and I love it. I want to have a US Muay thai/kickboxing debut. I want to learn more martial arts. I want to put it all together and do MMA. I just want to reach my potential…it’s just the tip of the iceberg right now.

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Lighting Round (One word answers only):

Are you vegetarian?


Can you swim?


Vegemite, gross or delicious?


Is a hot dog a sandwich?


Dogs or Cats?


Are ghosts real?


Can you cook well?


Can you dance well?


What the grossest thing you can thing of?


Favorite dessert?


*Original image courtesy of Antoine Verglas*

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