In the land of awkward interviewers, Alistair Overeem remains cool

The Dutch belt collector. Consciousness inspector. Championship interrogator. Alistair allocates amazing amounts of awesomeness aimed at all aggression.

That would be my opening line if I really wanted to break into the niche market of MMA hip-hop. However, I’m pretty sure Eddie Bravo cornered the market on that.

Earlier this morning I spent roughly ten minutes kneeing thin air under the ridiculous delusion that I was Alistair Overeem in his fight against Fujita at Dynamite!! 2010. Last night, I spent nearly an hour trying to right-hook air molecules like Nick Diaz. Don’t act like you haven’t done it before. My highlight reel is limited to the amount of times I’ve low-kicked the ‘No Parking’ sign outside of my apartment on a Friday night. Therefore it’s senseless to consider that I would have the same genetic structure as a fighter like Alistair Overeem. However, when it comes to awkward interviews, I’ve had my fair share years ago on MiddleEasy. Now that we’ve passed that phase of the site, it’s always fun to look at the youngins, like this guy from a site called MMARants.

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