In Russia, you can get your ear torn off and STILL win a fight…

In Russia, ears tear you off. The amount of unscrupulous footage from the various areas of Russia is my only deterrent from visiting the country. I’m not sure what I would do even if I made it out there; perhaps just start jump kicking people on the street in the hopes that I will make another viral Street MMA video. Since the inception of MiddleEasy, my perception of Russia has slowly deteriorated to a land of people getting blasted on their drink of choice and haphazardly fighting for no apparent reason. Russia is like your living room on a Friday night.

With the magic of technology, we have yet another MMA video from Russia, this time between Ali Bagautinov of Russia and Belarus’ Vadim Zhlobich at Fight Nights: Battle of Desnia. We’re not going to ruin it for you — but at some point a dude’s ear flops off his face like a piece of delicious bacon. Props to Anton Tabuena for the find.

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