In his latest video, lookoutawhale solves the Tim Sylvia underpants mystery

I consider myself a hardcore fan of MMA. But while I had a vague notion that Tim Sylvia had once allegedly lost control of his lower processing unit during a fight, I wasn’t sure if it was a matter of childish speculation, or an historical fact. Tim has always been a figure of controversy, not quite embraced by certain fans who felt he wasn’t worthy to claim the title of Most Dangerous Man in the World because he didn’t look the part. But I’ve always been a Sylvia fan. Maybe it was that Blind Date episode that converted me. For whatever reason, it seemed wrong to think too much about the champ’s underpants.

Thankfully, someone else has done the thinking for you. Because MMA animation guru lookoutawhale has just solved the gastric mystery in his latest video. Let’s call it Tim Sylvia and the Case of the Missing Sphincter. As an added bonus, I have been honored with a brief appearance at the end, in my only recorded role as an amateur reporter. I can confirm: when you see yourself in a lookoutawhale video for the first time, you will likely crap your pants. But you don’t have to feel bad about it. You are in good company.

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