In 2010, if you pull guard in MFC you will be cut

Pretty soon we will live in a future where if you pull guard on your opponent, you will be released from your contract and thrown out in the streets. That future is going down in just a few days. In an interview with TheMMANews, Mark Pavelich said if you pull guard in MFC next year, your contract will be removed and urinated on by someone who doesn’t pull guard in their fight.

“ Let me tell you right now, there is a new policy in the MFC in 2010, whoever pulls guard once, Im releasing them from their contract. That’s 100% gonna happen next year.”

Wait, it’s not done. If you think that’s brutal, Pavelich says he’s only be operating at 25% of his capacity and if/when he cranks the throttle on MFC, he will have a giant Nike swoosh in the middle of the mat.

“I’m only at 25% of my capabilities right now, and I know that. I appreciate everyone being so complimentary but in my own view I won’t be happy until I see a Nike Swoosh in the middle of my mat, until I see huge companies involved in the MFC, and continuously selling out to a higher clientele of people at my events.

There you have it. Oh, he also has a plan for UFC. Mark Pavelich, a man of many words and apparently a ton of threats for BJJ practitioners. [Source]

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