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Ilya Grad says training with Sage Northcutt is a disaster; Sage’s dad is the worst coach ever

Ilya Grad says training with Sage Northcutt is a disaster; Sage’s dad is the worst coach ever

Really wish Ilya Grad would say how he really feels about Sage Northcutt. Holy shit, Grad just unloaded on any and all things revolving around the Sage Northcutt brand. The only way Grad could cut deeper into Northcutt’s soul is if he told the 20 year old that he hates pizza, loves wearing shirts and doesn’t think any of Sage’s jokes are funny.

This is so awkward but we can’t look away. Read Grad’s, a Muay Thai boxing champion, take on a recent sparring session with Northcutt.

@supersagenorthcutt came in for sparring today preparing for UFC 200. I want to say something nice about the kid but oh my what a disaster it was. His dad is probably the worst coach I've seen in my life. He walks around talking shit from the start like we owe him something, then he interrupting his real coach during the rounds and gives poor Sage negative pet talk in between! Then at the 3rd round when I was just warming up and started pushing the pace they accused me of trying to hurt him and retired him from sparring! 😔 – When I train someone for a fight I want to put them in difficult situations, as you would in a real fight but these clowns just want him to do well and when he doesn't they accused me of some shit and made a scene! Never have I seen such bad coaching in my life! You have great potential kid, If you smart tell your dad to stay away from your fight camp so you could actually get some training done! Good luck for 200 ✌️

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Hashtag written in ALL CAPS and bold OVER PARENTING

So Northcutt’s dad AKA Papa Northcutt is the most helicopter parent of all the helicopter parents. Is this a possible reason Northcutt left Tristar gym last year and returned to training only in hometown of Houston, TX?

Update: but wait there’s more throwing of the Northcutt family into an oncoming traffic jam of buses.

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