If you weren’t excited for UFC 150, you’re about to be – NickTheFace has a new promo

Ben Henderson Vs. Frankie Edgar II has absolutely no reason not to deliver exciting martial arts action to our living room this Saturday. Actually, forget the living room, this is the type of fight that your mom would allow into the one room in the house no one (seriously, no one) is allowed to wear shoes in and is occupied only on major holidays.

Say what you will about that seemingly useless room and how confusingly often it’s vacuumed considering the lack of foot traffic, Ben Henderson and Frankie Edgar II is going to epitomize rawesomeness in 155 pound title fight form in just a few days, and NickTheFace is here to warm up our brains and eyes for the eminent thrill-ride that is sure to come.

Damn you’re good Mr. TheFace.


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