If you want free WEC 52 tickets, today is your lucky day

Two more shows left to go in the history of the WEC. I never thought that statement would exist on MiddleEasy.com, let alone any other MMA site (but especially not us, since we’re a unique snowflake). Let’s all pour out a container of liquid of your choice in honor of the only show that made ghosts appear in the cage when Paulo Filho fought Chael Sonnen. It gave a platform for Jose Aldo to rise into ‘Frate Trane’ status and enabled Njoukani to send a friendly message to everyone why you should always look at your opponent and not run away.

Technically, Josh Koscheck is the linear WEC welterweight champion after he defeated Paul Daley at UFC 113. Paulo Filho is still the WEC middleweight champion if you disregard his most recent bout against Marcos Rogerio de Lima since they competed at 205lbs. Of course, Ryan Bader is actually the linear WEC light heavyweight champion after he grabbed the unanimous decision over Little Nog this past September. Since we’re playing this fun, hypothetical game, let’s not leave out the heavyweights. Brian Olsen still retains the WEC heavyweight title and probably keeps it stashed away somewhere in his hidden compound located in Enfield, Connecticut.

Now it’s time for you to go to one of the last shows of the WEC compliments of MiddleEasy.com and The Palms Casino. WEC 52 goes down November 11th, this Thursday, and if you’re in the Las Vegas area, it’s about time that you attend a WEC event for absolutely free. We’re giving away two tickets to one winner who is physically and geographically able to attend the event. We understand that some of you are massive fans in the UK, but it’s impossible to award these tickets to you unless you’re willing to catch a flight across the planet with only three-days notice. Of course, if you’re financially able to do that, free tickets wouldn’t necessarily appeal to you — you baller.

If you are physically and geographically able to attend the event, leave a comment below and let the world know why you should win two free tickets to one of the last WEC events in MMA history. That’s it. We will announce the winner tomorrow at 9pm PST.

Winner: connertreffry! Enjoy your tickets!

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