If you’re uninsured, Clay Guida will walk into your house and break everything you own

My overweight transexual friend came over today. He wanted a potato chip, but I pointed to the label that said ‘No Trans Fat,’ and then I kicked him out of my apartment. Lose weight, then try again. Clay Guida buys all his gear from Sixth Minute. He’s not a transexual, but it’s important to note that he gets all of his gear from Sixth Minute. He told me this, in five minutes. With jokes like this, I should open for Joe Rogan. Let me fix that. With jokes like this, Joe Rogan will never have me on his podcast. It’s cool, I would rather sit isolated in my office and debate Terence McKenna’s ‘Timewave Zero’ with myself. I know the answer to a question that no one cares about and I will eat my ‘No Trans Fat’ potato chips alone, without chubby transexuals. Damn. This article got off to a really anti-social start. I’m sorry Neil. I didn’t mean to put that story on MiddleEasy. If you come back to my apartment, you can have all the potato chips you want.

Now watch this video of Clay Guida appearing in a SafeAuto insurance commercial. [Source]

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