If you’re not prepared to get beat up, don’t challenge Grandpa to a boxing match, okay?

You should always respect your elders. They are full of information, and they probably did crazier stuff than you could ever imagine. We live in a NERF world that’s only occasionally shooken-up by a maniac’s machine gun, and the fact of the matter is that polio, a military draft and driving cars that were essentially tanks with no power steering is way scarier than just about anything the universe can throw at us today.

This guy had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get Ebola. You didn’t hear him bitching. So you could imagine when some young lion with his fancy, futuristic haircut came up to Grandpa here, wearing his polo like a boss and hanging out at the gym, reliving yesteryear by inhaling the humid stink. Did he expect to be challenged to a battle of young vs old? 

It looks like years of training has been engrained into his bald dome. Look at how he slips the only decent punch the young whipper-snapper throws before he lays down a beating only a Grandpa could give.



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