If you’re a paraplegic and think it’s impossible to get a Gracie Blue-Belt, just talk to Eric Ingram…

A guy with no legs just got his blue-belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and you’re still sleeping on your parent’s sofa. Today, you’ve officially ran out of excuses to throw on a gi and start training. It’s over with. People without limbs are competing in grappling tournaments and you’re just building a collection of cottage cheese around your thighs. What a waste of a couple of limbs. Eric Ingram is kicking your ass in every possible way…and he’s a paraplegic.

Eric Ingram is the first paraplegic in history to earn a blue-belt from a member of the Gracie family and in this LA Times interview, Ingram gives the reason why he chose to go with jiu-jitsu over other combative sports.

“I tried karate for a year but there’s too much stand-up technique and it just turned into me watching everyone else do it. With Gracie Combative it’s mainly groundwork and the other techniques [Ingram and his brother Troy] were able to adapt to meet my needs.”

Now it feels like I’m obligated to put these limbs to better use aside from using my legs to spin around in this Wal-Mart swively chair. You should do the same. Get out there people, go vote. Do something today. Get out of the house, interact with people. Make a sandwich and split it with a stranger. Enjoy life and breathe more. [Source]

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