If you like Jim Norton, don’t watch this video of 12 MMA fighters beating the crap out of him

I’m entirely too broke to install a radio on my moped. Even if I did find a way to mount speakers onto it, I live in New York City and there’s a good chance that someone will see those speakers on my moped while it’s chained up outside of Starbucks and he’ll subsequently decide that they’d look better in his backpack. I’d finish drinking my overpriced coffee only to find out that my radio + speakers are gone, and I’m right back to where I started before dropping a few hundred bucks on custom electronics.

This scenario is a like the ‘circle of life’ concept in The Lion King, except reinterpreted with an urban paradigm.

Needless to say, it would be totally pointless to buy a radio just so I can listen to Opie and Anthony. Sorry Jim Norton, I’m a fan of your comedy, but unless you have a theft-proof solution of allowing me to enjoy your show, the only way I can watch MMA fighters punching, kicking, and choking you is through this two minute YouTube video. Props to Joe for the find.

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