If you have the ION channel, then you can watch Phil Baroni at UFC 125

Judging from the variety of messages spawning for his Twitter account, Phil Baroni is the closest thing the MMA world has to Ghostface Killah. If the Wu-Tang Clan ever needed a tenth member, Baroni would be the most qualified individual in this galaxy (and no, Cappadonna is not the tenth member of the Wu, you guys). Normally, if someone was a self-proclaimed ‘New York Badass‘ you would act like you cared for a little bit and then just pay him the cab fare, but we’re talking about Phil Baroni.

For the past few weeks, a secret battle has been waged in the inner-depths of a few media outlets that has insisted Phil Baroni’s UFC 125 preliminary fight against Brad Tavares be televised or broadcast live (free of charge) on UFC.com. This campaign was spear-headed by none other than Phil Baroni, since we all know that when it comes to self-viral marketing, he’s truly the best evah. Now it looks like The New York Bad Ass’ wish has been granted according to a press release from ZUFFA. UFC 125 will be shown on something called ‘ION television’, a channel that seems to be available in more homes than you can count using a TI-83 calculator according to Dana White.

“I am excited for our fans because I’ve been looking for ways to broadcast UFC prelims free and to as many homes as possible. ION is the largest broadcast television station group in the U.S. and this deal will put the UFC prelims in almost 100 million homes.”

ION is the largest broadcast television group in America, which makes us all idiots for not knowing about it until just now. Currently, the ION television line-up for today includes back-to-back episodes of Without a Trace and non-stop episodes of Criminal Minds, both of which I’ve never heard of — until just now. Actually, that’s pretty much all they’re going to show for the next four days until UFC 125 goes down. ION and their ambiguous program. Granted, if the UFC 125 preliminaries are being shown live, I will be forced to locate the channel on my indiscreet cable box.

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