If you fought Forrest Griffin on ice skates, he’d still beat you, but it wouldn’t be easy for him

I can relate to your struggles, Forrest. I can’t ice skate or do anything that requires my ankles to work however they need to work in order to rollerblade, rollerskate, ice skate or tightrope walk. My ankles just suck and I’m uncoordinated. It’s something that’s stuck with me for a long time. Believe me, I’ve tried to ice skate, multiple times, but after each session I run out of the arena with a bruised tailbone and a near-miss skull fracture as if I was just schooled by Anderson Silva.

Forrest, I feel very close to you right now. 

The former UFC champ and star of Pistols and Predictions is in Sweden promoting the upcoming Fight Night, and in this show of skating ineptitude, you have to think that Forrest loses a hockey fight to most anyone who can skate worth a damn. Ice skates – the great equalizer? Maybe. If Forrest can stay upright he could probably pummel the hell out of anyone facing him and work towards a standing guillotine. 

I want Ice MMA as an upcoming patch in EA UFC.

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