If you ever wanted to see Alistair Overeem take on three guys at the same time, here’s your chance

Whenever I see a girl wearing a weave in their hair, my first reaction is the shudder and proclaim ‘some horse is really cold’. Maybe I should start looking at it from the horse’s perspective. Some human stole that horse’s hair — and that’s really messed up. However, the worst thing about it is some hairless horse is running around the planet and Alistair Overeem will never be able to eat it. Actually, the fact that a hairless horse is running around anywhere should scare you. Still, being trapped in a gym with Alistair Overeem chasing you with the clear intention to smack you in your face should make everyone simultaneously urinate in their pants, regardless of location. Check out this video of Ubereem taking on three self-proclaimed ‘Hobbits’ in Sweden. Props to Fabrice for the find.

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