If you don’t think Anderson Silva is prepared for Vitor Belfort, then watch this training video and be amazed

Very few elements on this planet can be combined, placed in a centrifuge and reconstituted that Anderson Silva can’t punch a hole directly through. Whenever anyone questions the physical prowess of Anderson’s stand-up, one need only refer to UFC 101 when the world witnessed Silva effortlessly shift in and out of ‘The Matrix’ construct that encompasses all. Physics were redefined that night. Scientific school text books across the globe will have to be rewritten to include the spatial and temporal anomaly that was Anderson Silva’s fight against Forrest Griffin. Now video has surfaced of Anderson Silva training in Brazil for his upcoming UFC 126 fight against Vitor Belfort and it appears that the scientific community is on the verge of rearranging the laws of nature once again. [Source]

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