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If Stone Cold could have a comeback match, it would be against CM Punk

If Stone Cold could have a comeback match, it would be against CM Punk

Steve “Stone Cold” Austin is a retired wrestler that now has a popular podcast. Why CM Punk doesn’t have a podcast, we don’t know, but what we do know is that in “Stone Cold’s” latest podcast, he said that if he were to ever come out of retirement to fight another man in a match that was predetermined, it would be against CM Punk. 

However, that would mean CM Punk would have to come out of retirement as well, messing with his benefits. Also, CM Punk was fired by WWE on his wedding day. Stone Cold was not fired on his wedding day. Here’s what “Stone Cold” had to say on his podcast about CM Punk maybe post-UFC fight run, transcribed by the inquisitr

“I’ve known Punk for a long time. We’re not good friends. We barely know each other, but I have a whole lot of respect for the guy, and I got a chance to learn a little bit more about his background and where he came from. I didn’t know how he got started, some of the dues that he paid working all those indies and having those high-profile matches on the Indy scene with Cabana … and his Samoa Joe matches. But when I started looking at some of the ways he was booked in WWE, I could sense where and why a lot of the frustration come from. But when I watched that documentary [CM Punk: Best In The World], I would have to say, if I was to have another match — man, ‘Stone Cold’ versus CM Punk would probably be the match that I would pick. And I’m not selling the match. I’m just saying, you asked the question and after I saw his documentary — I’ve always respected him and respected his work and his promos — but after seeing that documentary, your answer would be CM Punk.”

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